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4 Best Laptops under Rs.25000 with Graphic Card

4 Best Laptops under Rs.25000 with Graphic Card

When it comes to laptop with graphic cards, there are very less options which kicks off the choices in the market. In the flock of the companies producing laptops, it becomes really hard for a user to select a laptop manufacturing company whose products are worth. As we have said that there are many companies […]
5 Best Point and Shoot Cameras under Rs.10000

5 Best Point and Shoot Cameras under Rs.10000

When it comes to point and shoot camera, the user wants to have a device which doesn’t contain those confusing settings instead he requires a sure short camera which can click photos and that too nice one, people who desires the same always go with the cheapest one but that is wrong as buying the […]
Stephen Hawking joins Facebook

Stephen Hawking in now Online on Facebook, Are you Curious?

There is no doubt on the fact that Facebook has become one of the coolest place to be in when it comes to job. And now it has become more astonishing as Facebook now have Stephen hawking on board. Day before yesterday all the geeks and nerds got curious of the fact that their idol […]


7 Best Android Phone under 7000 Rupees (Q4 2014)

When people are looking for the phone which is under the budget of Rs.7000, it indicates that they don’t want to spend a much amount in purchasing a smartphone and it is completely fine because some people just need phone for its core use and that is picking up the phone, using average applications like […]
10 Reasons that you shouldn’t buy Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

10 Reasons that you shouldn’t buy Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

With the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6, people expected that now they can throw their old lousy android phone and can get a real phone with big screen and exciting features. But you are wrong, apparently instead of buying the new iPhone 6 you should stick to your old phone. We know this […]
5 Best Laptops under Rs.25000 (Q4 2014)

5 Best Laptops under Rs.25000 (Q4 2014)

Laptops have become very important in today’s life and there is no doubt on the fact that everybody needs portable devices to work and it is due to the moving phenomenon of business. Indian Market is full of companies who are developing laptops under the range of 25000 Rupees and due to numerous companies trying […]

android One Phones

Android one cheapest android phones under Rs.10000

With the launch of the new android one, people now can enjoy the latest android platform without spending more than RS.10000. Google has tied his bands with the emerging companies like Spice, Micromax and karbonn along with Airtel as carrier for these devices. Out motive to state all the above is let you know that […]

12 Best android phone under 10000 rupees (Q4 2014)

Today we have a variety of phones that we believe are worth spending your money on, as we know that there are plenty of phones which are available in the Indian market. Though there is no doubt on the fact that they are plenty of phones which are available in the budget of Rs.10000 and […]
5 best graphics card under Rs.20000 (2014)

5 Best graphics card under Rs.20000 (2014)

The budget of Rs.20000 let us to buy one of the best gaming graphics card which are available in the market. When it comes to playing games especially the hard core gaming, we need a good gaming graphic card which has the compatibility with all the latest games that have been released. Games like Watch […]


5 Best graphics card under Rs.15000 (2014)

If we are talking about graphics card than we are obviously talking about Gaming, in today’s date it is very difficult for someone to have a PC which is without Graphics Card and it pretty much acceptable at the rate if you are not a gamer but if you are, then you should have a […]

5 Best graphics card under Rs.10000 (2014)

Graphics cards are so important for gamer that without it the system seems so empty even though you have very nice processor or a nice display but there is no use, the new modern games demand a nice graphics card in order to process the graphics of a game. There are only two companies who […]
5 Best Smartphone with front camera under Rs.10000 (Q4 2014)

5 Best Smartphone with front camera under Rs.10000 (Q4 2014)

It is very difficult for someone to find a nice selfie phone under the price of Rs.10000 but don’t worry we have found 5 of them for your and these phones are well compatible with other processing stuff which helps you use the phone in every aspect. When we talks about getting a phone which […]

5 Best camera phone under Rs.20000 (Q4 2014)

5 Best camera phones under Rs.20000 (Q4 2014)

When it comes to buying a phone with a camera especially for camera purposes, you need to pay attention on many things and it is not narrowed to megapixel. Camera phone was a revolution in mobile industry and it seemed very sensible as people don’t carry camera along with them apparently they rely on their […]
iPhone 6 and 6+

Apple iPhone 6 and 6+ unveiled, leaving 5s and 5c behind.

The most awaited phone of year 2014, the Apple iPhone 6 got announced yesterday on Sept 09 14. On the event the new two models of the iPhone was showcased, the one which is named as the iPhone 6 and the other one is the iPhone 6 plus. It is obvious that the ‘plus’ has […]
GTA-V for PC

Pre-Order GTA 5 for PC Now from Flipkart or Amazon

There is no doubt about the fact that GTA 5 would be available before the end of 2014, this is a great news for the PC users who were expecting to play the game on their pc rather than buying a console which costs more than 20k. PC users really understand that they would be […]

Top 5 Micromax android mobiles under 10000

5 Best Micromax android mobiles under Rs.10000

There are many brand in the market and it becomes difficult for a user to select a mobile which suits his or her needs. There are many users who likes to stick to only one brand, some of us likes to own Samsung phones and some of us like to have Sony device but there […]
Samsung loosing Cutomers

What Samsung Needs to Defeat Apple

Samsung has been there for quite many years and they have established their name in the market as well. Apparently all mentioned goes for Apple as well but the main difference is the quality and type of customers both companies have. Samsung has the customers which are more towards big screen as Samsung is the […]
5 Best portable power bank for your smartphone

5 Best portable power banks for your smartphone

Getting a portable power bank means that you are sick of your smartphone draining battery and it is due heavy usage. Power users are more towards browsing, gaming and media playing which drains your battery like anything and in order to avoid the emptiness of your mobile phone battery many user carry power banks with […]

Get Google Hotword now your android device

Get Google Hotword now your android device

Are you one of those users who didn’t get the OK Google feature on your phone? Are you tired of your friend who is using the same but you are not. The all new feature which was showcased by the Motorola X advertisement where the user set an alarm with his voice. The hot word […]
How to use google cloud print on android phone

How to use google cloud print on android phone

Have you ever heard of printing documents while you are away from your printer or printing documents using your android phone and that too wirelessly? Smart people send mails from their smartphones to their PC in order to have a print of photo or doc. This was great and worked for many people but this […]
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