Android 4.4 Kit Kat features, specifications and release

Let’s sweeten are Buds with Android 4.4 Kit Kat experience. 

android 4.4 Kit Kat version

Android has been a wonderful platform for smartphone users as this platform gives them the openness to customize the phone and have fun in every possible way you can. As you would be aware that Google has announced it new android platform which is named after the chocolate bar, the Android KITKAT is the new android 4.4. Sunder Pichai who is the head of the android and chrome has made the new android version official. The KITKAT is the name of the chocolate bar and trust me everybody loves it.

In the past many rumors made its way in describing the new android version which was once believed that it would be named as lime pie or lemon pie but somehow it has proved to be wrong. Many people also states that the sudden swift in the name would lead to more popularity as the new name is quite popular and would result in same for the new version as well.

With the new android 4.4, Google’s goal is to deliver amazing experience for every smartphone user. Though we believe that isn’t possible because in an ever-growing Industry of mobile computing and interface, each and every update becomes old in few days. Google plans to use the new version in every portable device possible like Gaming console, Mobiles, laptops, smart watches etc.

Wants to get the new android 4.4 and the Nexus 7 for just $ 4.4

Hershey and Nestle would be doing the campaign for the new android 4.4 by distributing 50 Million Kit Katwhich would be shipped to many stores as part of promotional activity to get the sales up for the new device with the new operating system. User can win a brand new nexus by just eating chocolate bar but careful you need to look for the promotional code that would be would in the wrappers soon. This promotion code would give the chance to get nexus 7 with Kit Kat installed in it.     

Android 4.4 release date

The release date of the new android platform is not determined or set right now but it is certain that the new version would be pre-installed on the upcoming new nexus 7 which would be available for the users in the Q4 of this year. Many believes that the nexus 5 and the Nexus 7.2 would be the followers to opt the new android platform. The promotional activity would probably get started in the next few months or who know days.

Android 4.4 Features

The new android 4.4 is still under the shadows of rumors and lot of question marks. As there aren’t much leak on the new version but experts believe that the new version would bring change in the UI of the phone as this is very important due to the new iOS 7. As the android heads states that the Google wants to have the android 4.4 to be in the consoles and other portable gadgets. We can assume the new version would fast and efficient in terms of using mobile or system resource.

  • Sensors would get and update in order to conserve energy.
  • Good CPU support.
  • Android cloud storage.
  • Network coverage improvement.
  • Optimus use of the system hardware.
  • More compatibility to applications.
  • Enhanced battery life.
Android 4.4 specification

Many people must have a question in mind asking that will there device gets the new android 4.4. The answer to that question is that if your device has a good processing power and GPU then YUP! You would of course get it.

We really hope that devices like HTC ONE, Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, G2, Samsung Galaxy S3, and S4 would be the first one to have the taste of the KIT KAT. 

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