android os walkthrough of latest version

Android OS Walkthrough.

The new Android OS 4.4 has become one of the anticipated topic of the year 2013. The announcement and the release of Nexus 5 and android 4.4 just picked each and every individual who uses an android phone. We still remember how the initial version of the android phone used to work and trust us it was not bad in anyway. From android ice cream sandwich to jelly bean users were only after the perfect developed android platform which could give them something which can go head to head with Apple iOS and could reduce lag anyhow.

Android 4.4 Kitkat. 

The new android OS has been released and has already debut itself on the new Nexus 5. When Google presented the KIT KAT, they said “Android 4.4 Kit Kat would primarily focus on the memory optimization on android devices. They also said “The goal is to get the new OS presented on many phones as possible”. There is no doubt that the new android OS would make some difference and definitely bring a new experience to users.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat features (highlight).

  • Quick Google Now
  • Memory Optimization
  • One Place Messages
  • Quick Office
  • New Emotions
  • Smart Caller ID
  • New Calling option

How to access new features in Android OS 4.4.

Firstly we need to say that Android 4.4 is really fast on the nexus 5 and we really expect this OS to work similarly on other devices. In the new Kit Kat operating system you would notice that the

Google now feature has been clearly the UI Focus and you can get to that by just swiping on the left of the screen.

You can call Google to search things for you by just saying OK Google and say the search string like

“OK Google” halt of 1 Second “restaurant”.

By saying the above Google would search the nearest restaurant for you.

For some people who lives outside US might face problem with the feature as the Google Now only understand US accent but we are sure that it would get the necessary update in any time soon.

Android OS 4.4 walkthrough  3Android OS 4.4 walkthrough  2


The new things which is awesome is the Hangout app.

The best part of the app is that it collects all the conversation data to one place which means any message that you have sent through phone, Facebook, Google Plus, Video Message etc. everything would lie in here. So you don’t have to wander in the many apps, they all sits here.

At the moment you would only be able to see three screens which is not good for power user s but as a new Android OS 4.4 user you can simply drag the widget that you wish to add on the new screen just got the end right and then go on the straight left while dragging the widget and boom!

New immersive mode.

Many times there so many buttons around the screen which disturbs but with the Android OS 4.4 you can simply get rid all of that.

Suppose you are reading a book on the phone informants like PDF, TXT, doc and other formats, just tap the screen once and everything which is not necessary while reading would be gone with the wind.

Same goes with the music as well just go on the music, press the power key once to go on to standby mode and then press the key again, you would notice the media player with album art on the lock screen itself. This feature was missing in the previous version of the phone but has been added now in Android OS 4.4.

There is one more feature that office savvy people would love and that is the quick office which allows you to print a document through your phone itself by simple going in to setting and then choosing the printing option. Set up one for yourself and boom.

You can also view any document you save through Google Quick office which is a nice addition to Android OS 4.4. The quick office connects to your Google Drive and done you can view or make Office document on the go.

The above was all the new things that has been added to the new Android OS 4.4.

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