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Google messenger replaced by G+ photos


Google messenger update, changed to G+ Photos.

After Facebook it’s Google plus that has a maximum number of members. Everybody likes to socialize and that is good, in such busy life this is only way to cop up with the society. Today it’s about the Google update that has been spread all over the android devices which replaced the Google messenger with G+ photo app. The application is a way to reach your G+ photos. Although the messenger was long forgone by hangouts that worked well for the G messenger. The Google+ app started rolling out few days’ back which added the G photos on the phone. The new app is the part of the update by Google and if you haven’t got the latest app yet you can check the update by yourself.

Updated G+ Photos replaces the Google messenger.Google messenger

The app which came in as a replacement of the google messenger acts like a shortcut to your Google plus photos which is again because on Google plus it’s all about the photos through which people interact with each other. The app will act as a photo management tool for you G+ account. The app would show the latest highlight from your gallery which helps you save time while going into your photo library and checking the photo which received the maximum shares or comments. The app also has the feature to enhance your photo with effects like some pho filter which includes the Drama, Retrolux etc. These features can be accessed within the app only not making you wander here and there for the alteration of the photos. You can also crop photos, rotate it, exposure, contrast and other Picasa related photos also accompanies you.

The app really helps in better socializing with Google plus, photos are the main element of social networking and the new update on the android phones would help the user a lot as the majority of the social network in relation to Google plus have has android phones.

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