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Hide Text Message App: Android


Hide text message app now available on Android 

there are so many application available on the Google play store which let’s you hide text messages on your smartphone. hide text message app can seriously be a life saver. Hiding Text on your android smartphone could get yourself saved by your mom’s slaughter or can save you from your girlfriends who keeps on checking your mobile phone to seek another’s women text. i always though that i should hide my contacts or messages some how. hide text message app can simple be found on Google App store for your smartphone, this app is  named as secret box hide sms &contact through which you can hide your text and contacts from the anyone by simple locking them up in a valut and the vault can only be opened by you because it’s protected by the password, the app also helps you in hiding the call logs which includes missed calls, received calls and Dialed calls. through this app you can be  sure of the fact that your messages can’t be read by friend, Mother, Girlfriend any one anonymous  when you are asleep or away from you phone. This application is developed by the famous mobile apps developer NetQin Mobile inc. which are popular in making mobile solution apps like antivirus, optimizing apps for smartphones and tablets. The hide text message app is completely free on Google app store market and is compatible with all the latest smartphone introduced in 2012 to 2013 .

We ran it on HTC wildfire s, it gave a perfect run and has provided the expected. We think the application is awesome and works great. though it’s free and wold hardly take any space on android smartphone or tablets.

we give 3\5


Hide text message app

Secret box

Secret Box Hide Sms and contacts

please visit our android apps library for more applications for your android Smartphone and tablets.


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