iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4, Battle of the best platforms

Android and iOS are the two best platforms that have made their presence in the Smartphones world. The Android platform has been known as one of the best open source platform available in the year 2013 and to be honest, we feel the same as well. Apple’s iOS is one the premium platform that is available in the market as it’s not easy for everyone to get an iPhone. Many questions have arose in the past regarding the iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4 but there are very less sources to get the right information from..

Today we’ll catch each and every prospective of the iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4 as it’s very important to understand if you are a potential buyer of the Smartphone.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: User Interface.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: User Interface

As we are well known to the fact that apple and android, both companies have updated their platforms and the result is Android 4.4 Kit Kat and Apple iOS 7. The Android platform is one of the platforms which are easy to understand and play with whereas apple is one of the platforms which actually need a clear view towards the phone.

As you can see the android platform has easy icon which let user to understand what exactly each options does whereas iOS7 has very elegant icons delivering a premiumfeel to the user. Apple iOS 7 has icons which are intelligent enough, you can arrange the icons without any problems, and there are easy short cuts which are available down below to access the options which deep down. Android 4.4 doesn’t have the Short cut feature in the menu screen but you can customize the menu look, change the options look there is a back button, menu button and options button which are always ready to serve you.

Android 4.4 provide much options than iOS 7 which was the advantage of android from the starting itself.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Multitasking

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Multitasking

Smartphones are basically used for multitasking like accessing Facebook, twitter and playing games at the same time. Of course we are not talking about the dual screens but switching between the applications. Android 4.4 is one of the platform which focuses on the multitasking with Ram Management as per Google’s statement regarding the operating system. iOS 7 eases the task of switching the application with ease, earlier it was tedious but now it’s easy as cutting butter with hot knife. iOS 7 freezes all applications which are running in the background but android pauses them and the applications keep consuming some RAM and processing power thus making android a bit laggy.

iOS 7 is a winner as it is much less laggy than the android 4.4 but android has improved a lot and seriously a Lot.

IOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Settings.

IOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Settings

To be honest with you all, iOS 7 settings are the most complicated thing on a smartphone and it is very difficult to understand if compared to Android 4.4. The older iOS and the new version is same at some point but android provides simple language and options which makes it easy to access settings and understand them in a simple way. iOS 7 is an operating system which is for intelligent users and trust me smartphone are not used by smart people in much percentage.

Settings on Android is easy to set whereas iOS 7 it is difficult compared to competitor.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Navigation.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Navigation

The basic element of any operating system is to provide easy navigation to the users. IOS 7 is one of the best In that but as you know that there is no back button and option button in the same which makes it very difficult for a user to go over and switch to iOS. Apple is very elegant in providing customer experience and their operating system delivers that but navigation is quite difficult due to no presence of navigating buttons or options. Android 4.4 has three options which makes it very easy to navigate, you can access options easily, you can go back to the previous page without any problem, and you can open the tasking application with the hold of the mid button and more.

Android 4.4 has easy navigating options than iOS 7 as it is proved.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Messaging.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4: Messaging

Android 4.4 brings the hangout app which combines all the things at one place allowing users to send messages, Google hangout messages and other chat applications. This is the new feature that has been introduced in the android 4.4 and it’s cool whereas iOS 7 iMessage application is the best messaging application that a phone could have. The feature allows you send instant message if the other user is on iOS, the application detects whether the user has the apple product if not then it would send a network message if the other user has then using network internet connection would send a instant message.

The Google hangout is new and places all the conversation at one place but Apple iOS 7 has all the things like same place same message and iOS 7 exclusive iMessage.

iOS 7 Vs. Android 4.4:  Gaming.

The new iOS 7 and the android 4.4 both has got new version of GPU integration into applications and both are well powered to play all the latest games which uses exclusive and premium graphics. The Apple iOS was initially the best platform to play games but not android is on the same place where apple iOS 7 stands

Asphalt 7 android vs. iOS 7.


The android 4.4 is more flexible and open to users than iOS 7. Apple iOS 7 still suffers from issues but then cannot be on hold as many platforms does it initially. Android 4.4 has it all and apple is still limited and doesn’t allow user to get hold on their smartphones completely. Android 4.4 Kit Kat has solved the lag problem which the operating system used to suffer in the past. Apple iOS 7 needs to allow users to easy access all the things which are there on the phone instead of showing the things which are necessary.

Android 4.4 is a clear winner and there is no doubt.

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