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iPhone 5S news: might come in 128GB variant.


iPhone 5S news states the large storage variant. 

The latest iPhone 5S news clears everybody’s assumption that apple would be releasing the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on September 2013. Some of the analyst says that the previous iPhone was launched somewhere around the September only and as apple called a conference on that day, there are chances that the big thing happens on that day only. Many believers says that the apple might be releasing the 128 GB of the iPhone 5s variant as well. The iPhone 5s and the 5c has been in the news from the past few months especially after the release of the Samsung galaxy S4. The iPhone 5S news also suggest the gold-colored iPhone to be released after the official launch of the handset.

What analysts states on iPhone 5S.  iPhone 5S news

According to the analyst Ming Chi Kuo, apple would be doing the exceptional thing with the latest iPhone and he strongly states the high memory variant of the latest iPhone. If his predictions goes right then the 5S would be the second apple product to have so much storage memory after the iPad 4. As his predictions have never been wrong if we look at the past. He also predicts the Specs of the latest iPhone 5s that have been in the rumors from some time.

The rumored iPhone 5S specs are:

  • A7 chip that would 1 GB of LPDDR3 Ram.
  • Latest iOS 7.
  • ARM V8 Architecture.
  • Upgraded camera with F/2.0 aperture.
  • Dual LED flash.

The new specs clearly states that the latest installment would have the energy saving capabilities as the ARMV8 architecture is capable of saving 20% if compared to previous A6 chip that iPhone 5 has.

The price of the latest iPhone can cost $499 on contract as these cost has been accumulated on the basis of the current price plans that has been implemented on the current stock of the phone.  

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