Li-Fi wireless technology could be the next gen of Wi-Fi

We are very well known to the fact that Wi-Fi is the best way to connect to a network and transmit data over it but have ever thought of a process which could perform fast results. Wi-Fi is everywhere, Metro’s, Food parlours,  Tunnels, subways and others. It is easy accessible to people and act as a very convenient way of connecting and sharing.

Wireless technology has taken a new step and might bring a fascinating way of transmitting data over Wireless network. Fudan University in Shanghai presented a technology which depends upon Light instead of radio waves which results in 10 times faster transmission compared to current Wireless technology which depends on radio waves.

Wi-Fi popularity is its enemy the more it gets popular the more slowly it gets. The Wifi devices are likely to face the same problem of network which every telecom user faces. Sometimes a user cannot connect to  a network because of many users trying to be in the same line or many users crashing the parent router. Wi-Fi has gone way over the levels like Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot and many other techs which will soon be making its way.

Li-Fi Technology.

it was under process for the past 2 years and now has got a chance to be in the place like the current. Li-Fi would use your home bulbs and tubes to transmit data from one phone to another just like the Wi-Fi direct but it would be faster than the current. Li-Fi is would use light bulbs in your home to carry data, it is a new proposed technology which might eliminate the current. There is no need of getting a license from telecom services to use such technology as light bulbs can be made any one living in this technological world.

Wi-Fi Disadvantages are same as Li-Fi.

The limitation of this technology is as same the Wi-Fi, you need to be under in place where you have light bulbs so that the data could get transferred. There is no specific light bulbs or tubes that are needed to process the following but the only requirement light is the bright light and devices under that brightness.

The new generation devices are likely to get the same tech very soon as it could change the phase of wireless technology.

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