Nexus 4.3 Upgrade images spotted

Upcoming nexus 4.3 update 

The latest nexus 4.3 upgrade was spotted in the Thailand Mobile Expo 2013, when 2 of the XDA developers Forum member clicked the photo of the nexus 4 running on the android 4.3. The photo cleared the rumor of the key lime which is imaginary till the time and proved the name to the Android upgrade 4.3 would remain jelly bean only. The nexus 4.3 showed the all new camera application which is better that the stock app which is found on the nexus 4, HTC one and the Samsung Galaxy 4. The new camera app which has a new User interface and  allows user to toggle the HDR options like contrast, rotations, white balance and other camera features which could be unique to the OS only.

The new about section of the nexus 4.3 shows the Android version name which is jelly bean only, the phone also showed the pre-release the build name ( JWR45B) and a baseband string m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.74. Although Google hasn’t confirmed anything related to the new android platform in the past events such as Google i\o Conference which was held on May 15 to 17. Most of the developers know about the testing phase of the OS as it has presented itself earlier in the Google search in the past. Well it’s very strange about the fact that how Nexus 4 with android 4.3 made it to the Display shelf in the mobile Expo although it’s not official yet but it’s strange to see a device running an OS which is about to launch and which is not even official yet. Till now Google hasn’t commented such Evident fact as it is very close to launch the new android platform soon. Google might release or make the new platform official on the June 10 which could get into competition with Apple’s new iOS 7.

Nexus 4.3 in Mobile Expo  Nexus 4.3 camera interface


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