Sony PlayStation 3 console outruns Xbox 360 in US

Sony PlayStation 3 console beats Xbox 360 in 32 months.  Sony PlayStation 3 console

The Sony PlayStation 3 console had been proved the best-selling console in US for September. There is no doubt that the Sony PlayStation 3 console was far better than the Xbox 360 in terms of shape, size, style and gaming. NPY which is the biggest in consumer market research, cased that PlayStation 3 is the most preferred console for gaming in US and had no 1 position since Jan 2011 to Xbox 360.

The analysts of NPY states Sony PlayStation 3 console got a boost with Grand theft Auto 5 bundle that the got introduced lately, he also stated that how a game series can seriously affect the sale of hardware.

The competitors to Sony PlayStation 3 console, Wii and Nintendo were able to make position in the top but of course were not as impressive as the other console. The reports also states that the Wii got more sales due to the price cut and the bundle of legend of Zelda that was introduced 3 months past.

On the other hand Microsoft’s Xbox 360 got a sale of 80 million worldwide which is also a milestone for the company. There is no doubt that the Microsoft’s gaming console has also reached many people.

As per the analysts, console which offers Exclusive games or bundle acts like a steroid in the sales of the product. Sony PlayStation 3 console got many bundle in the given last 12 months in which GTA 5 bundle, God Of War and Kill zone were to noticeable.

GTA 5 is responsible for the 52% sales for the console making Sony PlayStation 3 console no 1 in US for most sales. GTA 5 made 1 billion in just three days making the developers what they actually deserve and PS3 the prime source to play the game on. Gamers always go for Quality and experience that Playstation 3 delivers with no problems and we shouldn’t be surprised over the success of the console.

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