The most popular apps for android for year 2013

The most popular apps for android which are popular enough.

The most popular apps for android for year 2013

Today we’ll discuss the most popular apps for android devices as android platform has been one of the best for gaming and developing purposes. Users from around the world passes their time by playing games on their android devices and customizing their phone. The android platform is easy to handle and eliminates all the difficult things which makes user annoyed. People have been asking about The most popular apps for android that just kicked off the year 2013.

Let’s see the apps which made to the most popular apps for android list.

Top 10 android apps that made into the list of The most popular apps for android are:


recently added to the most popular apps for android list, Ingress is one of the android app which recently made itself in the top android apps as this delivers an exceptional experience to users. The app transforms your world into virtual game which let’s explore new locations and meet new friends. The app basic motive is to encourage the user visit new places as the game converts your surroundings into a land of mystery, intrigue and competition.

To download ingress press the link  


Drippler is the app which lets you know all the latest events and things going for your device and it’s platform. The app would automatically detects your device and wood in inform you about the release of the new software updates, games, apps and more. The app has become popular as it has solved many queries for many users. the app is free on android play store and we strongly recommend the same to you.

In order to download the Drippler

Nova launcher.

The Nova launcher is exactly the same as the other launchers available for android devices but trust us, it more responsive and fast to other in the market. The Nova launcher gives your ability to customize you android device as you want it. Launchers have one of the part of such platform as it attracts the user more. People always want to change the look the Phone’s UI and this app delivers the same in no doubt.

Click here to download the Nova Launcher

Cool camera apps for android.

Paper Camera.

It’s hardly to know an android phone which doesn’t have the same. This camera app has become popular in no time as it provides the user to click photos in the effects that can only be seen on the paper. This android is free on the Google playstore and has received more than a billion a download and has proved the popularity of it. The Paper camera has many filters which includes crayon, water color, black white comic and many others. this app might stay long in the most popular apps for android

Click here is to download the paper camera

GIF Camera.

This camera app is a need for android users around the world as it help users to make GIF from their own camera. The app is simple to use and there is no complexity to it. App is compatible to make a gif of 10 seconds and the output size of the file is also small. GIF is the format which everybody loves as this really attracts more and more people. You can make funny GIF, you can create photo to GIF and you can also create an album of GIF’s

You need to try the app as it’s free. Download the GIF Camera by clicking here.

Lomo Camera.

The Lomo effect is most popular effect in android camera as many of the android phone has the effect in their filter library but many of them doesn’t have it and that is the only reason that this app has gained popularity in just small time. There are more than 12 different filters in this camera app which can really deliver many great quality picture on the go.

You can download the app by just clicking here.

Most popular android games.

Real Racing 3.

There could be no game as the Real Racing 3. The best graphics in the mobile device, great driving experience and no doubt best gameplay on the portable device. The game has been developed by EA, which makes it more popular than ever. This game has received more than billion downloads within the past six months which makes the most popular apps for android for 2013. this game surly deserves to be in the list of The most popular apps for android.

The game is free and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Asphalt 8: airborne.

Racing games have always been the best casual games for all the platforms and has received much anticipation in the past year for portable devices. There are many games in the android market which has the racing element in them but trust me there isn’t any like Asphalt 8. Great and stunning graphics and immerse gameplay makes this game on the most popular apps for android.

Click here to download the Asphalt 8

Riptide G2.

There are many racing games in the market but there none like the Riptide Gp2 if you are looking to have fun in the Water. The game focuses on races which takes on the water, hydro jets and skies makes the game very exciting. The game has stunning graphics and offers hours of gameplay to users. the Game has a price of $2.99 but who cares when it delivers one of the best experience in the market.

You can download the game by clicking here.

Good collage and communication app for android.

BBM for android.

Recently added to the most popular android apps for android list. Earlier Whatsapp had his time and everybody used to run on their communication bridge but now BBM which has been a trademark for Blackberry Company has made a huge impact has taken the place of Whatsapp. BBM is secure and doesn’t have any drawbacks. The messaging app is secure and has a quality element to it. Great design of the app and elegance which flows towards the end when you start using it.

The app is free and we recommend it. Click here to download.

the above was the list of the most popular apps for android of the year which made its way to the top. if you wish to have something changed in the most popular apps for android list of ours please contact or comment below to do so.

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